The Team

Cody Boyd, RMT

Cody Boyd, RMT is a Registered Massage Therapist in good standing with the CMTO. He is an entrepreneur and owner of Quantum Massage Professional Corporation. His desire to help others brings a new form of healthcare to the public. He has study the ancient teachings of Qigong, meditation, light energy systems and frequency water technology that he incorporates into his practice. His main goal for Quantum Massage is to bring a new form of massage treatment which incorporates deeper pressure, technology and ancient healing practices into Massage Therapy.  Cody focuses on deep tissue massage therapy and strongly believes in deeper pressure techniques for chronic pain relief. He has found with deeper pressure, clients have more pain relief and lasts longer than lighter massage treatments.

Cody is native to St. Marys being born and raised in the community has been involved in various volunteer/fundraiser projects in St. Marys. He is a former long standing member of the St. Marys Kinsmen which he has been apart of for over 5 years.

Cody has been practicing Massage Therapy since 2017.


Allie Mills, RMT

Allie is an RMT and in good standing with the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario. Allie has completed the massage therapy program and is excited to start treating clients. She is client focused and interested in finding long term solutions. She believes in a holistic approach and empowering clients to achieve their wellness goals. In addition to massage therapy Allie is a certified yoga instructor with additional training in Pre/Postnatal yoga, hot stone massage, Reiki and as a labour and birth doula.




Connie WilHelm Zulu, C.N.P, BIE Practitioner Practitioner

 After discovering Bio Energetic (BIE) therapy twelve years ago, Connie embarked on a journey to become an expert in this Health Canada-approved modality. BIE, which addresses intolerances causing bodily symptoms, is a needle-free, drug-free technique that promotes healing through acupuncture points.
With an impressive background, including an Honors Certification as a Nutritional Practitioner and extensive virtual consulting experience, Connie is well-equipped to handle various health concerns. Her expertise extends to food sensitivity, environmental toxins, inflammation, stress management, hormone balancing, blood sugar regulation, and weight loss.