Q: Is the massage chair like the ones I’ve seen at the malls or airports?

A: No, the massage chairs we have is top of the line, very deep and therapeutic. These chairs need to be in a clinic setting due to the nature of the treatment it provides. 


Q: I have benefits/insurance coverage for massage therapy can I put it towards massage chair treatments?

A: Yes, although you must have first seen a licensed RMT at Quantum Massage Professional Corporation for either an initial assessment to see if massage chair treatments is suitable for your condition and a right choice of therapy for your individual needs or be on an existing treatment plan with your QM Massage Therapist. You must have also filled out all necessary paperwork and be approved by a licensed practitioner. 


Q: I am not comfortable being touched by other people but want a massage therapy treatment. What services do you provide for me?

A: We acknowledge individual needs, that is why we have the initial assessment option under our licensed practitioners booking page. The RMT will need to assess your physical condition and may perform certain tests in order to provide a safe and effective treatment as well as to see if massage chair treatments are indicated for your condition. You must also fill out all required paperwork which include health history and consent + liability waiver. 


Q: I have issues with my arms/hands and legs? Will the massage chair help with that?

A: Generally no. The massage chair will focus primarily on back, shoulders, neck, hips and feet. Although it has airbag compressions for arms and legs as well as rollers for calf muscles. We recommend seeking other healthcare treatments to better focus on those areas.